Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Hard Drive We Can Help With Your Data Recovery Woes

Loosing data can result in an extremely stressful situation. Whether it’s an SD card with priceless photos that no longer detects, or a hard drive with important business records that no longer detects, you’ll likely need to go through the data recovery process. We’re different from most data recovery providers in a few ways, however. For one, our technicians are extremely well versed in all the latest and greatest technologies. This means that we can retrieve your data faster and far cheaper. As well, we don’t just run the standard software anyone can buy online. We’ve developed our own tools in house to ensure we can go beyond what’s currently offered for data recovery.

Is your hard drive, flash drive, or SD card having issues? Follow these steps to give yourself the best shot at a successful recovery:

  1. Power down the drive/card. Do not power it back up.
  2. Package up the drive/card. For hard drives, use as much bubble wrap or other sturdy packing materials as possible.
  3. Bring your drive into Holden Computers (call us at 780-414-1505 or email us using our contact form for an appointment)
  4. We will evaluate your drive and provide you with a no obligation quote.

Prices for data recovery vary – get in touch with us for a quote specific to your scenario.