Non-Destructive Virus Cleanings

non-destructive Your Computer Needs A Non-Destructive Doctor.

There’s a lot of crap out there on the internet, and a lot of it is trying to infect your computer! From simple annoying popups, to malicious keyloggers, it’s certain your computer will get a virus sooner or later. But with the constant evolution of viruses, cookie cutter solutions and pre-packaged antivirus isn’t enough. That’s why Holden Computers offers a non-destructive virus removal service!

We can safely and quickly remove all the viruses infecting your PC or Mac without deleting your files or programs! While other shops will just wipe your computer, we believe there’s a better way to go about removing viruses.

Every cleanup comes with a 30 day warranty, and we even install our recommended antivirus free of charge!

The cost of a virus cleaning varies depending on the type of viruses and nature of the infection. Call us at 780-414-1505 or email us using our contact form to inquire about our pricing or book an appointment!