Operating System Installations and Re-installations

Installations on a Windows ComputerWe Take The Difficulty Out Of OS Installations and Re-installations!

After a few years of use, most modern operating systems can benefit from a re-installation. Simply put, a re-installation is removing the entire contents of your computer and starting fresh. The problem is, if it’s not done correctly years of memories and important files can be lost! Holden Computers is able to properly and securely back up your information before reinstalling your operating system. This ensures a fast new copy of your OS without losing all your information!

Holden Computers can also assist with setting up your new computer, whether you want to remove all the bloatware (bundled programs that come on all new computers, but that have a negative impact on performance) or install an operating system on a hard drive that doesn’t currently have one.

Pricing for operating system installations varies depending on the computer and operating system in question. To receive a personalized quote for your individual system, please call us at 780-414-1505, or email us using the contact form on our website. We can evaluate the best version of Windows or Mac OS X for your computer, to make sure you get the best performance possible!