Solid State Drive Upgrades

Solid State Drive I Want To Go Fast. Really Fast.

With the number of high bandwidth programs and applications being released, it’s almost certain your computer will begin to slow down. Even browsing the web can begin to feel slow and sluggish, with all the media and information constantly being cached to your computer. A solid state drive is the solution to those speed related issues.

A solid state drive (also known as an SSD) is a flash memory drive made for inside your computer. Simply put, it’s like a thumb drive or an SD card, but with a much larger capacity. It’s also a lot more reliable than hard drives, as they don’t suffer from the same physical ailments a mechanical hard drive does (but don’t go throwing it off a roof!)

Holden Computers can recommend a good solid state drive for your needs, perform the installation, and ensure all your programs and files are moved over properly. No issues to worry about – only speed.
What’s more, all of our solid state drives are backed by a 3 year warranty! As long as there’s no physical or liquid damage, we replace the drive for free. 

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